Vegan Taco Ring – great for potlucks or parties with picky eaters! 


I have not actually made this, but I think it’s a great idea for a potluck or party. I believe this dish is a good way to show others how easy it is to substitute plant based protein for meat. The vegan taco ring is a great dish for those transitioning to a healthier lifestyle as well because it incorporates familiar food items. 

Here is the original recipe: 


Ideas for a vegan/plant based taco ring:

1. Substitute the ground beef/turkey for seasoned and sautéed tofu or a mix of black and kidney beans (even slightly blend the black and kidney beans to create a chunky paste). 

2. Taco seasoning = spices from your cabinet. 

3. Instead of cheddar cheese use a dairy free cheese alternative like Dayia Shredded Cheddar. 

4. Instead of empty nutritional value shredded iceberg, use a baby green mix or a bag of mixed greens from your local farmer’s market. 

5. Load up the heirloom tomatoes! 

6. Olives, avocado, fresh sliced jalapeños, non-dairy sour cream (or even plain non-dairy yogurt). 

7. Eat and enjoy! 

Just to clarify, Pillsbury crescent rolls are vegan. However, I know there is a bunch of foreign and scary chemicals in the processed crescent rolls. 

Eat sparingly (like at a party or get-together), make your own crescent rolls, or buy an organic version. 

Eating right never tasted so good!