Blueberry Banana Pancakes with Wildflower Honey

Who doesn’t love pancakes? The problem with pancakes is that we as Americans eat them entirely too often. We load them with butter and fake maple syrup, eat them with bacon, sausage, and a couple eggs. Classic, right?

These pancakes could easily take over in the classic breakfast department. While the cake itself is not the healthiest (I really haven’t made whole wheat cakes that often…hello future post!!), the fresh blueberries and banana make it a great alternative to a box mix and cheap syrup. We used Organic Wildflower Honey (available at Aldi’s) on these cakes and they are so delicious!

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Vegan Chicken Taquitos with Avocado and Sweet Apples

For a busy weeknight or one of those nights you just don’t feel like cooking, these vegan chicken taquitos are perfect. Just pop them in the oven until they are nice and crispy!

The recipe can be found on the box of these Starlite Cuisine brand taquitos.

I will post it here in case you are interested.

For the yummy avocado dip, I mashed 1 large Haas avocado, 2 Tbsp’s. of lime juice, and a dash of salt.

I could have just eaten the avocado dip by itself, it was THAT good.

Even toddlers enjoy this meal. Mine did. I have tried to get her to eat avocado before and it resulted in her proclaiming it was “s’gusting”. This time she gobbled it and 1 whole taquito up.

I like this meal for a busy night, or when I’ve been at work all day and just don’t feel like cooking.

We had sweet Organic apples for dessert.

Eating right never tasted so good!

An (Almost) Vegan Egg Muffin Breakfast Sandwich

Try this quick, easy and yummy breakfast idea! I made an almost vegan Egg Muffin Breakfast Sandwich with 100% WW English muffin, egg white with Go Veggie! Mozzarella shreds, and two slices of Light life “beef” sausage!! Add avocado, salsa, or hot sauce to mix it up!! Accompany your Egg Muffin with fresh fruit or a smoothie! Eating right never tasted so good!!