Ethiopian Cabbage Dish 


Ok honestly this tops my list for one of my favorite healthy dishes so far. The colors may look bland (careful, they stain laminate!) but the flavor is intense and satisfying. You can’t even tell that’s cabbage in there! 

 Ethiopian Cabbage Dish  


Not only is this dish super yummy, but it is very easy to cook as well. I would recommend prepping all your ingredients maybe the day before or even way before its time to eat so that when you are ready to make it you just throw everything in. 


I tried making some homemade injera to go along with the cabbage dish, but it didn’t turn out well. You can buy pre-made injera, use pita bread, or even a tortilla like I did.

I love trying new healthy international recipes. Even if they are simple recipes, it’s fun to try new food combinations and different flavors. 
Enjoy this Ethiopian Cabbage dish! 

My toddler didn’t like this dish, so I would recommend it for 7+ years old.  


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