Vegetarian Chili & Homemade Cornbread

I really really love sweet cornbread with honey and butter, fresh out of the oven.

Even better? Add some vegetarian chili with a pinch of melted soy cheese.

While the cornbread I made was not vegan, it was vegetarian. The cornbread could have easily been made vegan and that is what I plan to do next time I make it. 

Here is the recipe for the cornbread:

Of course I did a little changing of the recipie.

I used almond milk instead of real milk.

I used wildflower honey instead of real honey.

I’m sure there is a vegan substitute for the butter as well. I use Earth Balance.

Next time I want to use applesauce in place of the eggs.

For the chili, I used a can of vegetarian chili from Aldi’s. I needed to use it up.

When I make homemade chili, I use this recipie:

It truly is the best vegetarian chili in the world.

Since the cornbread only takes about 45 minutes total to prep and cook, you can create a quick and easy lunch or dinner in about an hour. The cornbread can be used for leftovers for the next day, or even freeze for later in the month.

I will specify that the cornbread is not a HEALTHY item, but it is better for you because it does not contain any preservatives or mystery ingredients that boxed mixes contain.

I’m sure that the dry ingredients for the cornbread would keep for a month or so in a sealed container. Then, when you want cornbread next time, just add the wet ingredients, mix, and bake!

I really liked this recipie that used fresh corn instead of cornmeal. The original recipie that I was going to use did call for cornmeal, but I realized it had been awhile since I last used my cornmeal and some pantry bugs had invaded. 😟

So…I moved on to plan B. And it turned out way more scrumptious than my old cornmeal recipie!

Lesson learned.

While my cornbread turned out a tad darker than the picture in the original recipie, it didn’t taste overdone. I cooked for the full 25 minutes because it was still soft in the center.

Eating right never tasted so good!


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